BCS Ideal Outdoor Space

5 Tips to Design Your Ideal Outdoor Space

With more daylight hours and gorgeous weather, who's looking forward to spending more time outdoors? Create a space that's thoughtfully tailored to you and the things you love. From your love of hosting friends to your family's backyard games or even just a space to unwind and watch the sunset. Here are 5 of our pro tips when designing your ideal outdoor space!



Determining how you will use your outdoor space and how you want it to function is an important consideration when designing.


 Do you normally/want to host summer parties?

 How many guests are normally invited?

 Do you need a space that's quiet and unwind?

 Does your space need to be kid-friendly?



Your outdoor space should be logical and functional to create a flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces or other outdoor elements.


 Where are your doors located for inside access?

 Do you want/have a pool?

 Do you want easy access to the kitchen?



Highlight the existing natural beauty and take into consideration any less desirable areas or sounds so they can be camouflaged or covered up.


 Do you have a gorgeous view?

 Are your neighbors close by?

 Do you want a private deck space?

 Which direction will the outdoor space face?

Pro Tip: Hedges or plants can be used to disguise eyesores [AC unit, privacy, etc.].



Thoughtful lighting placement can add visual interest and highlight features, it also is a safety consideration for pathways, steps, or dark areas of your yard.


 Will proper lighting help you grill that burger to perfection?

 Does your seating area need lighting?

 Do you have potential hazards like steps or pathways that need illuminating?



Your ideal space is one that will be comfortable for you. Consideration of the exposure to natural elements or furnishings that are comfortable should be part of the planning process.


 What is the sun exposure?

 Could an awning or umbrella provide enough shade?

 Would a roofed area be more ideal?

 What direction does the wind blow?

 What type of pests, like mosquitos, are around?

It can be overwhelming trying to think of all the possibilities when designing your ideal outdoor space. From design to build, we'll be there to support you every step of the way.