Top 5 Home Renovation Trends

Have you ever wondered how to know when a style goes from trendy to 2000 and late?

We’ve compiled some of the top home renovation trends for this year that just make sense. And don’t worry, they come complete with some drool-worthy inspiration:

01 Personalized Kitchen Design

Photo Credit: Hsieh Basement Project, click picture above to check out the full project.

As a space we spend a significant amount of time in, let it really showcase your personality and make functionality convenient.

To design kitchens as more distinctive personalized spaces, consider incorporating unique elements that reflect your personality and preferences. This can be achieved through the use of custom cabinetry, statement lighting fixtures, unique tile or backsplash designs, and personalized decor. Additionally, incorporating functional and practical elements such as storage solutions and efficient appliances can also enhance the overall design and functionality of the space.


02 Calm + Spa-like Bathrooms

Photo Credit: Reitnour Master Suite project
Photo Credit: Reitnour Master Suite project

Your bathroom can become a personal sanctuary and is worthy of an upgrade. The bathroom as a personal spa is a growing trend.

Experts are seeing nature-inspired designs to bring the outdoors inside. Elements of this design trend include textures like natural stone and wood, as well as shades of green.

Another trend is to add a pop of color to personalize the space to your personality and style. Color can be added through accessories, a colored tile, or even your cabinets.


  • Feature Reminder: Towel warmer & Spa Shower Head
  • Spa Bathroom Inspiration - candles or diffusers with relaxing scents or hanging some eucalyptus are inexpensive ways to create a sensory experience.

03 Indoor-Outdoor Space Flow

Photo Credit: ProVia

A seamless flow between the indoors and outdoors is very on-trend. Creatively utilizing previously disjointed spaces to connect and be hospitable has become a priority since the pandemic.

Adding large-scale windows and replacing single doors with double doors helps optimize the view and lets in more natural light.

Creating large openings with retractable screen doors that open to large patio or deck spaces allows indoor space overflow while keeping a connection to the outdoors. It also provides a practical purpose to limit some of the more pesky residents of the outdoors, like leaves and bugs.


  • Consider a covered outdoor space to protect you from the elements.
  • Seamless Indoor Outdoor Living Inspiration

04 Warmer Color Tones

Photo Credit: South 6th Ave Project, click picture above to check out the full project.

Brown tones are in for 2023. We've seen the cooler gray tones starting to fade a bit to embrace the warmer, more inviting amber hues.

Paired with modern and fresh white, beiges, terracotta, or greens, it can add dimension and balance.

Incorporating warm tones can be as easy as adding deep wood tone or leather furniture, or an accent wall - either with paint or a wallcovering.


05 Designated Work at Home Space

Photo Credit: Hoffer Home Office, click picture above to check out the full project.

Home offices have remained on trend in 2023 as more people continue to work remotely or have flexible work arrangements. Having a designated space for work at home can increase productivity, reduce distractions, and provide a comfortable and personalized work environment. Additionally, advancements in technology and communication tools make it easier than ever to work from home effectively.


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